Quality & Safety

All items have been carefully inspected before allowed on the sales floor. We want to make sure you find only the best items at our event. You'll find high quality, gently loved items and many NEW items as well.

What Will We Have?

With over 100,000 items to choose from, you're sure to find what you need! We have everything you could want for infants to teens. We even have a Boutique just for Moms! Check out The Pink Lady room while you're shopping.

Come find cribs, bedding, changing tables, strollers, joggers, car & booster seats, high chairs, baby carriers, baby gear, books, dvds, puzzles, games galore, toys of every kind, sports equipment, outdoor play equipment, bedroom furniture, toy boxes, maternity clothing, clothing from infant to Juniors, dance wear, shoes of all kinds, ride on toys, bikes, electronics…you name it, we'll probably have it.

What Should You Bring With You?

1. Comfy Shoes & a Snack - You'll want to spend a good amount of time selecting your bargains. Make sure you're comfortable and have a little something to sustain you.

2. A List of What You're Looking for - 30,000 square feet of merchandise can be a bit overwhelming. Be sure to have a plan on what you're hunting for. We recommend hitting the non-clothing items on your list first.

3. Your Children's Measurements - Since we do not allow clothing to be tried on, it's important to know your child's inseam and waist measurements. Many moms bring a pair of pants that fit each child so they can hold items up to them to ensure they will fit. (Just be sure to have the volunteer at the front door mark these items for you so we know they're yours)

4. Basket or Laundry Tub - We do have shopping carts. However, if you're shopping on Consignor Day, Bumps & Sprouts Day, or First Public Day you might not get a cart. You can bring something to haul your bargains while you shop…some bring wagons, some even put wheels on a rubber maid tote to pull around.Or simply tie a belt around a laundry basket and pull.

5. A Shopping Buddy - Make a day of it with a friend. You can tag team your efforts to make time fly. Afterwards have dinner and squeal over your most favorite finds.

6. Accepted Forms of Payment - We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Debit Cards, & Cash