What Happens at Consignor Check In


  • Your check in appointment can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Please keep your appointment. We offer 5 full days of appointments to accommodate our many consignors
  • Our Volunteers will inspect all items for quality, workability, safety and proper preparation
  • Any item not making it through inspection can be donated
  • A 2nd Barcode needs to be printed for each of your non-clothing items. You have a tally sheet available in your MyReruns account so you can tally up what you need and we can print them at your appointment. This speeds up your check in considerably!
  • You will need to hang your clothing on the sales floor after they’ve been inspected. Our Volunteers will place your non-clothing items on the floor for you
  • DROP & GO CHECK IN! Experienced Consignors (2 sales or more) are eligible for DROP & GO CHECK IN...only takes 15 minutes! You literally just unload your properly prepared items, sign in, get your passes and go! Bring a tub with lid and put your consignor # on both. If there are any items we can't accept, we'll put them iin your tub. Pick your tub up on Consignor Shopping Day! You do need to request your barcode stickers for your non-clothing items ahead of your appointment and have them on these items prior to bringing them in. Ask Gina@Rerunsrfun.org for more details


  1. Pull your vehicle to the front door where you can unload your items. A volunteer should be there to help you
  2. Once you’ve unloaded, move your vehicle
  3. When you come in to the building your non-clothing items will go to the left and your rack of clothing will go to the right
  4. Once you have your non-clothing items in line on the left, go to the front desk and check in. You’ll sign in and receive your Consignor pass as well as other important information
  5. You stay with your non-clothing items until they are completed first.
  6. Once your non-clothing items have been inspected, barcodes will be printed for you to place on each of these items. USING YOUR ON LINE TALLY SHEET BEFORE YOU COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT WILL SPEED UP YOUR CHECK IN PROCESS!
  7. It is the Consignors responsibility to place the 2nd Barcode on each item correctly. If you want to have a volunteer help you, you must approve of this help
  8. After you’ve finished putting the 2nd Barcodes on your items, you will go over to the Clothing Inspection area. If your clothes have been inspected, you will find them in the row by the shoes
  9. You place your clothing out on the sales floor in the proper sizes
  10. Any unaccepted clothing items will be hanging on a rack by the front wall in the inspection area. Any clothing left on this rack will be donated at the end of each day

That’s it! Now you’re ready to make some money! Make sure you mark your calendars for CONSIGNOR SHOP DAY so you can save big too!

Watch our What to Expect at Check In video!