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Supplies Required

  • 65lb+ White Card Stock or 3x5 Index Cards
  • Wire hangers (no plastic coating)
  • 1 1/2" Safety Pins
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Jute (rough twine)
  • Various sizes of ziplock bags
  • Saran wrap or shrink wrap

Wire Hangers & 1 1/2" Safety Pins – No rubber coated wire or plastic hangers. NO EXCEPTIONS. We do sell wire hangers, safety pins & card stock. Please check out our Hangers & Pins page to find out more. You can check with any dry cleaning business, sometimes they have wire hangers you can take for FREE!

Creating Your Price Tags


You must be logged in to our website in order to print your price tags. If you are logged in now, you can create price tags from here or go to your MyReruns page and click on the CREATE TAGS link. Your consignor number, price and bar codes will be printed automatically on each card. 

You may print a page of 6 price tags or you can print individual tags on 3x5 Index Cards. You can customize each card by item or print a number of cards with certain price points on each so you can hand write the descriptions. Once a price tag is printed, you can not manually change the price of the item or add/remove the N/D. The bar code already reflects your consignor number and price and if the item will be discounted. If you want to change the price of an item or add/remove the N/D, you must print a new price tag.

NOTE: When inputting descriptions in the program, you need to use at least one space in the description. Having running words, symbols, etc. without spaces causes an error

Will can not accept tags printed on paper. Tags must be printed on Card Stock or Index Cards.

Descriptions on price tags is critical. Do not write generic descriptions such as "book" or "dress"…you need to write titles, brands, colors, styles, etc. Tags do fall off during the sale. A detailed description will help us match tags with the correct items. We cannot sell your item if there is no price tag.

Descriptions on your Price Tags

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure the description is clear enough to help us locate your item if the tag falls off the item!. Because we have thousands of customers handling the merchandise, tags can get separated from the items. 

Your descriptions needs to be specific. Include Brand Name, color, and style of item. Example: “GAP black dress with red flowers” DO NOT just write “book” or “dress”, if we cannot match the tag to an item, the item will not be sold.

Good Phrases To Use: ”Washes Well!”, “Only Worn Once,” “Like New!” Noting the brand name is good. You can include these phrases WITH a detailed description.

Phrases to Avoid: Negative use of words, such as “Never Worn” should be avoided. Instead use “Brand New”.

Other Ideas: On large ticket items such as furniture & electronics, you may want to point out the retail price so buyers understand what a good deal they are getting. It’s also a great idea to attach a picture of that item with the pricing, if you can find it on the internet.

Sizing: When you designate a size please make sure it is numeric, ex: 10 Girls, 4T Boys, etc.; NOT small, medium, large.

Pricing: See Pricing section below.

Barcodes On Non-clothing Items: A 2nd barcode is placed on all non-clothing item. Because customers handle non-clothing items a great deal it is more likely the tags will come off. The 2nd barcode helps us identify the consignor and price of the item so we can re-tag it and get it on the sales floor. We have created an on-line tally sheet for you on your MYRERUNS page. You simply input the prices and quantities and when you come to check in your items we can print these off for you! You will then be asked to place the barcodes on the items.

Making Changes: Do NOT make any changes or corrections by hand on the original tags once they are completed. Make a new tag if a change is necessary! The bar code is what is used to ring the item up.  The item will not ring up correctly if you do not print a new card with the corresponding bar code on it.  We cannot sell an item if the tag has been altered by hand in any way.

Pinning The Tag: Use one inch or larger safety pins to pin the tags on (no tiny gold/silver pins, or straight pins), placing the pin horizontally and catching the front & back of the garment and the price tag twice.

Pricing Guidelines

When pricing your items, we recommend that you honestly ask yourself, "What would I pay for this?" Pricing your items fairly means selling more of your things. Overpriced items just don't sell.

How you price items will depend on several factors: name brand, what kind of shape the item is in, how current it is (6 months? 1 year?), what it’s worth new right now, etc. There is no magic formula to use to price your items.

Because your items are used, you need to competitively price your items. 65%-75% of retail is a good figure to go by. But it depends on the item, the brand, & the availability of that item. Always ask yourself, “What would I pay for this item?”

There is a minimum price of $3 on hanging clothing items. This is to encourage you to put sets together vs. hanging a single shirt or pants to sell. We are not asking you to increase your prices, just to utilize our space better by putting sets together. Please keep in mind that these are guidelines only. If an item is not worth $3 by itself, pair it with other like-items.

We recommend NOT putting NDs on your items. However, we do understand that some items hold special meaning and if you can’t sell it at the price you want, you’d like to have it back. You can select that option (No Discount) and it will print an N/D on right hand corner of your index card.  

If you are participating as a consignor only and will not be volunteering or donating in order to get your unsold items back, then there really is no purpose for using the ND. Let the item go half price (if it doesn’t sell at full price) otherwise it will be going to charity after the sale is over.